The Truth about “Common Core” Rachel’s Story

My name is Rachel Cohen also known as the Bookmark Mommy. I decided to go on Facebook for the first time a few months ago because I found out about the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum. My 5th grader came home with a reading assignment. When I asked him to read it, he told me that he is not allowed to show it to me. Of course I read it and realized that our children are being indoctrinated through the literature. That was my introduction to this evil known as Common Core. My husband told me that I needed to join Facebook to meet like minded people. So I did.
A few months ago, my son was crying over a double digit multiplication problem. I tried to show him the way that they were teaching it through Common Core and then tried to teach it to him using “simple math”. Frustrated, my son cried himself to sleep. At this point I decided that something must be done. I created a page named “Choose to Refuse Common Core” and ordered 100,000 bookmarks. I offered free bookmarks to all parents all over the country. I boxed and shipped over 350 boxes all over the country at my own expense. The campaign was a huge success. The bookmarks were nice looking and laminated, so they were very easy to distribute and strike up a conversation with other parents. After being on the anti-common core pages, I realized that we must begin to “get the word out” on a mass level. That was the missing part of the winning puzzle.
This is how I became known as the “Bookmark Mommy”. At this point I feel that parents all over our great nation are beginning to wake up to the evils of Common Core. I feel that now more than ever, we need to concentrate on the “get out the word campaign”, and inform parents that they must educate themselves on the dangers of Common Core. My friend Shelly sums it up for those that ask “What is Common Core.” She is from NY but it’s the same remember all across the nation COMMON Core.
“For the newbies, here’s the stance I take publicly at forums, BOE meetings, when I talk to parents, teachers, etc all wrapped up nicely for you:
Regarding Common Core, I’m not upset about “not understanding what my kids are bringing home”
I’m upset that the only 2 educators involved in the creation of these standards REJECTED them in a validation committee,
I’m upset that it was privately funded through lobbyist groups in DC,
I’m upset that this was not voted on in NYS (education without representation),
I’m upset that 5th, 9th, and 11th grade reading requirements include pornography, molestation, pedophilia, and degrade the US military,
I’m upset that USA children are learning Singapore math with no evidence of its success,
I’m upset that over 400 personal points of data is being collected on my minor children and my family and fed to the state for them to do with as they see fit,
I’m upset that almost all public school teachers have a gag order on them to not be able to speak up without fear of losing their jobs, I’m upset that 70% of kids failed Common Core testing last year,
I’m upset that those failures hurt teachers in their evaluations,
I’m upset that our school districts will not be able to afford this new curriculum and neither will the tax payers in our district
…I’ve done my research and will be taking a stand AGAINST Common Core Standards, modules, and data mining – It all needs to go!”

Please join me @ “Choose To Refuse Common Core” on Facebook and help us fight this evil known as Common Core.

5 thoughts on “The Truth about “Common Core” Rachel’s Story

  1. Got in. My first blog response. Thank you to all of my members on our page “Choose to Refuse Common Core”. Without you guys, I would be a blank page.

  2. Rachel is doing such amazing things, locally and nationwide. Really, you have been an outstanding part of our fight for our children, thank you, Rachel Cohen!!!

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